GBWhatsApp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version 2023 Official

You can provide your WhatsApp account additional characteristics and make it stand out from the crowd by using GB WhatsApp. This implementation’s popularity will rise due to the many enhanced features it provides. The vast majority of problems you’re experiencing with WhatsApp’s messaging original version may be fixed by utilizing this application. In contrast to the official version, this program allows you to view deleted messages and statuses. The initially released version of this software only allows you to use 5 emojis to reply to messages; yet, this app allows you to reply using a customized emoticon. The capabilities provided to users of this program are extensive and will be very helpful to them. This version of WhatsApp receives the most requests from users globally due to its multilingual support. This program enables instant message translation into over fifty different languages, directly from the discussion.

GBWhatsapp APK

GB WhatsApp APK
GB WhatsApp APK is the successor to the original Whatsapp. With this recently released version of WhatsApp, you may use skills that were not available in the first edition. This application permits you to utilize it to run your online business since it comes with numerous features that aid in the expansion of your company. There are numerous features accessible, such as anti-revoke messages, message filtering, duplicate accounts, hiding your last-seen information, anti-delete messages and statuses, online status concealment, no crashing difficulties, and many more. This version is more functional to use due to its user-friendly interface. The old version was missing multiple typefaces, more than 4000 themes, access, and control; this version has all of those things. There are no additional expenses; both the download and use of this program are free.

GBWhatsapp APK File Details:

App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
Total Downloads95,000,000+
App size51.1MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeWhatsAppz Extra Features
Last Updated9 Hour Ago

GB WhatsApp Download, an improved version of WhatsApp, is one of the perfect-customized instant messaging programs on the market. The main goals of this patch are to improve the user interface (UI) flexibility and privacy features of the original program. The GBWhatsApp Download APK gives you access to the capacity to send voice conversations, text messages, and pictures to your friends. Features that are comparable to the standard WhatsApp are included in this app. All of these exciting features will be accessible to you after you download this app to your Android phone.


GB WhatsApp APK Features

Hide Online Status
despite the fact that you aren’t feeling like speaking, you are curious about the message you have received. Whenever you try to stay away from people, you’re constantly online. You are unlikely to want your concentration diverted or disrupted when you’re working. Your online status can be hidden in Gb WhatsApp APK Download, which is a unique function. 
The account you have on social media can be suspended if you decide to engage in unrestricted enjoyment or abstain from participating in events or chats. With GBWhatsApp, you can conduct everything you want and enjoy yourself the most. 
Stickers and Emojis
If you’re looking for having conversations with others and have no perception of yourselves as being reserved, you must learn how to communicate. You may access a selection of emojis and stickers with only one click thanks to GB WhatsApp Download, which anticipates your needs. To put an end to the vibe, the mobile application must have been downloaded to the device you are using.
Download Development
Let’s say you found a friend’s status amusing and want to inform your pals about it. You don’t have to request it. Due to its unique qualities, WhatsApp is compatible with GB downloads. There are no commercial breaks, dangerous downloads, or breaks.
Supporting Ideas
The fun never ceases to exist in an eternal amusement park. Do you seek entertainment in life in that way? The launch of a theme shop for WhatsApp GB, which could represent anything at any point, is the long-awaited reward for your patience. Use anything you wish to customize your app; eliminate all of your lightweight dialogues.
Remove the Forwarding Sign
The individual who gives it doesn’t want to know whether you had previously received it from someone else, even if you want to give away whatever is given to you. The forwarded tag can be disabled by adjusting the settings. Only the GB version of WhatsApp offers all of these wonderful features. 
Biggest Media Share
A maximum of thirty photographs may be uploaded at once, along with longer films that you can share in conversations and use for updates to your status. Focus on limiting yourself, investigate the app, and take advantage of all of its advantages. Up to 100 photographs and 250 texts can now be shared at once. 
Make your lectures stand out by adding excitement, pleasant feelings, a calm sense of peace, and other elements. The typeface’s size, style, color, and background may all be customized in any way you desire. Make it entertaining so that spending time with those you care about isn’t monotonous or boring. 
Display Status Hiding
Even while you want to read what other people publish as status updates, you also don’t want anyone to know that you were doing it. You’re curious about what other people are saying and sharing. Choose a strategy that permits you to conceal your views from others.
Four Thousand Plus Themes
With this particular version of the messaging app WhatsApp, you are given access to the enormous world of themes. From the greater than 4000 themes available in this program can be chosen as your favorite.
The Export of Chats
You have the choice to make your chats public in this application. because this program allows you to share the chats with anybody you wish. This discussion could be recorded and sent as a file to your contacts.
Excellent Results
With this program, you may add amazing effects to your images and movies. You can use these effects prior to sending them by email to your contacts. This is a great tool because it enables changing the effects that appear on your photographs and movies very simply even when you disagree with them.
Voice Changer
Using this application, you are able to leave voicemails in a minimum of ten distinct languages. They involve the Drunk voice, Robot voice, Funny voice, Baby voice, Teen voice, Deep voice, Underwater voice, Quick voice, and Reverse voice.
Create Your Own Theme
Using the facilities offered by this program, you have the chance to create your own theme. You can create a theme that meets your preferences if you don’t like the ones provided in the version.
Bulk Sender
If you and your pals are preparing a joke, you can use this program to send a message to everyone with only one click. You may send a message to a lot of contacts at once using the bulk sender feature of this program.
Message-Filtering Feature
Another wonderful feature of this program is message filtering. With this program, you may rapidly delete your emails. This feature filters out the chat’s messages when you want to delete them.

GB Whatsapp

Comparison Whatsapp VS GBWhatsapp 

Status Characters LengthUp to 255 CharactersUp to 139 Characters
Document Sharing at one time10030
Media Sharing50 MB15 MB
Hide Last Seen
Status Copying
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt format
Languages Supported45130
Blank Messages Sending
Theme Changing

What Has Changed Since the Last Release?

  • When working, you can turn on the “Do not disturb” mode.
  • With the help of this program, you can text yourself.
  • The ability to post a voice note as a status will allow you to do so.
  • You can also conceal your most recent sighting.
  • View a status while hiding your presence: When viewing a status, you have the option to hide your presence.
  • Support for Nearly 90 Languages: This version supports nearly 90 languages.
  • Chat translation is possible with the help of this program.
  • Simple Status Download: You only need one click to download any status.
  • End-to-End Encryption: This version has a feature that encrypts data from beginning to end.
  • Instant Messaging: The instant messaging tool allows you to respond quickly to chat messages.
  • Auto reply: On this version, you may also use the auto-reply option. 
  • Group Member 1000: Your groups can have a total of a thousand members. 
  • Leave the Group Without Telling Anyone: You have the option of leaving a group without telling anyone. 
  • Reduce chat volume: You may reduce conversation volume by reducing chat features.
  • Increased sharing capacity: This version now has a larger sharing capacity. 
  • multiple accounts on a single device: With this version, you may create multiple accounts on a single device.
  • high-resolution pictures You may send and receive high-quality photos.
  • Hide typing option: The typing option can be hidden in the settings.
  • The maximum size for videos that may be sent is 100 MB. To send a 100 MB video, need the most recent version of GBWhatsApp Download.
  • You may also choose to make the recording feature invisible in the settings.
  • Read the sender’s deleted messages: The sender’s deleted messages can also be read.
  • Mask second tick feature: In the options, you may turn off your double-tick feature.
  • Additionally, you may prevent the microphone from turning blue after hearing the sender’s voice by hiding it.

GB Whatsapp APK

  • You may access another person’s deleted status updates and retrieve deleted communications thanks to a built-in anti-delete mechanism.
  • You can upload large files as well as videos with a single click.
  • In the official version, which is encryption must be applied before data transfers to other parties, but not in this version.
  • You are able to maintain your typing, recording, and online presence hidden.
  • Your discussions may be exported using this application.
  • The voice changer is a feature available in this app.
  • By freezing your last seen, you can stop others from seeing you online.
  • There could be some security issues because it is a third-party program with a different version.
  • With this, you won’t be able to back up your data.
  • The new version could move more slowly than the old one.
  • This has no corresponding legal implications.
How to Download GBWhatsApp APK?

Obtaining this application is possible if you follow the steps outlined below.

  • Chrome is the perfect web browser. By selecting the search box and putting “GBWhatsApp APK” inside, you may look for the app. We suggest you visit our website rather than any other websites you find through third parties.
  • There is a link to the download on our website.
  • When you click the link in the next step, the download will begin in a few seconds.
  • You’ll receive an APK file for your smartphone.
How to Install GBWhatsApp APK?

Here are the instructions for installing this program.

  • To install third-party software, the first step is to enable unknown sources.
  • Now, the file manager should display the downloads folder.
  • The next step is to find and open the APK file. The installation options are then displayed. Clicking the install button is necessary to complete the Gb WhatsApp APK download installation.
  • Now that it’s accessible for your Android smartphone, you can utilize this app.

GB Whatsapp Download


How can the GBWhatsApp APK be updated?
You cannot locate this app on the Google Play Store if you want to update it. Visit our affiliate website instead. To obtain and download the file, visit this link. Once you’ve downloaded the program, you may successfully update it.
Is this program free to use?
Yes, you are free to use this program without having to buy it.
GB WhatsApp APK: Is it safe?
GBWhatsApp is safe and reliable for your Android smartphone, yes.
Will I lose access to GB WhatsApp on my number?
GBWhatsApp won’t block your phone number, so no.
Can I simply download WhatsApp status?
That much is true—you may get the status directly from GBWhatsApp.
Final Words
The most popular WhatsApp mod is GBWhatsApp APK. You might gain a number of advantages by switching from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. You may hide the sender’s download status, messages with the second and blue ticks, and deleted messages. You can also examine the sender’s deleted messages. You might any of its more than 4000 themes a new look every day using its interface customization options. The talks between each contact are protected by a unique password. This WhatsApp MOD is amazing, isn’t it? Please share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section. We value your time spent reading this website and hope you’ll come back soon.